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Why Do You Need A Gaming Keyboard: The Best Gaming Keyboards Of 2019

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Some of you old school gamers who are trained in the art form of PC gaming may remember the likes of vintage classic games such as Doom, Prince of Persia, Half Life, Theme Hospital or Lemmings! And perhaps like myself, are now interested in getting back into PC gaming but have no real idea about where to start or what kind of set up you may need. I decided to research gaming keyboards and essentially which are the best ones because apparently using a cheap keyboard your mother uses to send you chain letters and emails about discounts at Debenhams… is not going to cut it! I also wanted to know will a gaming keyboard make any difference and is it worth it. In short, the answer is of course a resounding yes, a gaming keyboard will make a huge difference. And so ultimately, you are left with one big question you will ask yourself, “which gaming keyboard should I buy?” But first, here are the basics.

What is a gaming keyboard?

A computer keyboard may just seem like a necessary but fairly mundane peripheral to your PC setup. If you’re just bashing out the odd email, raging at Excel or blogging away, then you probably haven’t given it much thought. However, having a specialised gamer friendly keyboard is a helpful addition for not just hardcore PC gamers, but beginners too.

Mechanical or Membrane

The infrastructure of gaming keyboards is important and often boils down to personal preference. There are two main camps, mechanical or membrane keys. Some gamers prefer the fast-paced immersive experience of a mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard operates each key on a mechanical switch allowing for speedy response times and a tactile feedback. There is less force needed for the depression of each key tap and it has a satisfying kick back when each key is used. A membrane keyboard means that all the keys are connected to the same framework. They need a little more encouragement with a full depression of a keys to register the command. Gamers who tend to go for a membrane gaming keyboard are those who like the flow of moving from one key to the next.  

Programmable Keys

Gaming in general can be a frantic environment. (unless you’re dicking around with side quests to avoid fighting the main boss!) I remember playing Doom and having approximately 18 varying heart attacks on just one level! With the help of macro keys, PC gamers can execute an action with just one click of a button instead of taking precious needed seconds in completing the same request. The user programs an individual key to perform a series of actions. So you get to condense a load of movements (and reduce the panic of thrashing at the keyboard) to a simple key stroke. However, be careful if you’re thinking of entering any serious gaming comps, as macro keys are sometimes banned because of this handy hack.

Backlit Keyboards

You may see some gaming keyboards lit up like a unicorn has puked all over it! Sure, it may look aesthetically pleasing, but is a backlit keyboard really necessary? In all honesty… not really. However, most gamers do opt for backlit keyboards due to the fact that they look cool. You can also assign a colour to certain keys to perform a function both for gaming and regular typing projects. This is called zone lighting. Many gaming keyboards come with RGB backlighting for individual keys and aside from its functionality, backlit gaming keyboards look awesome in low light.

What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Keyboard

The main thing you should be looking out for when purchasing a gaming keyboard aside from budget, is whether it has a set of mechanical keys. Membrane is of course still an option, but personally I think they are not as good as mechanical. I like to feel the feedback in each keystroke. RGB lighting is very common and if you are wanting to make your gaming room look like a futuristic rave with laser beams, then go for full RGB. This can mean that the price tag will be more expensive so bear that in mind.

Try to research as much as you can before you buy a new gaming keyboard. If you’re a complete newbie then see if you can find reviews on installation and setup as certain software can be tricky. You might need to know if you have the patience to tweak and adjust for your personal preference.

Mechanical gaming keyboards can start from just under £50 (for a decent one!) and go up to £150 for full-size models with all the bells and whistles. Of course, you can spend much more, but it really isn’t necessary.

Below is a list of the best gaming keyboards for 2019 taking into consideration specs like size, budget and style.

Best Gaming Keyboard For Under £50 – Turtle Beach Impact 100


Size: 17.6 x 5.8 x 1.5 inches

Key Type: Membrane

Switch Type: None

Illumination: None


-Simple to install

-Compact in size

-Mimics mechanical keyboard touch

-It’s inexpensive


-Small backspace key

-No real extra features

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Elite


Size: 17.5 x 6.5 x1.7 inches

Key Type: Mechanical

Switch Type: Razer Mechanical Switches

Illumination: Full RGB


-Looks stylish, smart and very functional

-Great in-game performance

-Comfortable wrist rest


-The software can be a little glitchy

Best Small Gaming Keyboard – Logitech G Pro


Size: 14.2 x 6.0 x 1.4 inches

Key Type: Mechanical

Switch Type: Romer-G

Illumination: Full RGB


-Super sleek and small

-Detachable cord

-No unnecessary buttons


-Quite expensive

-No carry case

Best Gaming Keyboard For Mac – Razer Ornata Chroma


Size: 18.2 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches

Key Type: Membrane/Mechanical

Switch Type: Razer

Illumination: Full RGB


-Decent in-game performance

-Stylish RGB lighting

-Wrist rest


-Hybrid keys don’t really add anything!

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard – Logitech G613


Size: 18.8 x 8.5 x 1.3 inches

Key Type: Mechanical

Switch Type: Romer-G

Illumination: None


-Very responsive wireless function

-Great for gaming and productivity


-Quite bulky

-No backlighting

-Unnecessary extra keys

Best Gaming Keyboard Design – ROCCAT Vulcan 120 Aimo


Size: 18.2 x 9.3 x 1.3 inches

Key Type: Mechanical

Switch Type: Titan Switch Tactile

Illumination: Full RGB


-It looks real pretty! Lovely design.

-Comfortable switches

-Super performance

-Great (and fun!) lighting options

-Elevated key design


-Software is a bit annoying

-Quite expensive