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Back to the Future

10 Things You May Not Know About Back to the Future I & II

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If you’re a big retro movie geek who finds delight in watching classic 80s films over and over until your eyes bleed with satisfaction, THEN the Back to the Future trilogy should be in your arsenal. Fact. I’m still waiting for Santa/The Tooth Fairy to hook me up with a hoverboard from Back to the Future II. And these ‘hoverboards’ you can buy which look like I probably would end up in hospital, do not count!

But I digress.

My favourites from the BTTF trilogy are the first and second instalment. I mean, the third movie is grand… but lets say that I can have it on in the background on a casual Sunday afternoon… while I refresh my Instagram feed for a distraction! Everything about Back to the Future part I and II from the concept, the futuristic gadgets, special FX and the awkward incestuous moments you pretend never happened, makes it one of the best film franchises… ever!

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This quintessential Sci-Fi heavyweight was never meant to go past the original first film in 1985. But Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg and Bob Gale basically smashed it and the rest is history! 

I have watched the films so many times that I would genuinely ruin the experience for anyone else who wanted to watch it with me. Why? Because I’m that kind of tosser who can’t help but recite/yell back at the TV certain iconic lines from the movies.

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You may already know the plot (which stays pretty consistent in theme throughout all three movies!) but for those who don’t, it goes a little something like this:

Teenage boy has a close friendship with an old mad scientist (that nobody seems to question!) who builds a time machine from a car. Teenage boy with the help of his scientist pal, dick around with his past and future with almost catastrophic consequences. Hilarity ensues.

However, what some of you may not know about Back to the Future I and II is thus:

One - The script was rejected over 40 times with Disney not being a fan of the incest storyline in reference to Marty’s 18-year-old mum kissing him when he travels back to 1955. Listen Disney, I’m fairly certain nobody in their sane mind is an advocate of incest BUT it’s funny you said this seeing as you were down with Star Wars who is all about sibling love! #justsaying

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Two - Eric Stoltz was set to play the lead Marty McFly in Back to the Future and filmed a fair few scenes. But he was considered too serious of an actor for a role that required more of an upbeat comedy vibe. It cost the film $4 million. Gutted! Also, Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid turned down the role and I’m glad he did!

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It’s a no from me!

It’s a no from me!

Three - Crispin Glover who played George McFly did not appear in any of the sequels. Another actor with prosthetic makeup was used which turned out to be a bad move for Universal Pictures, as it ended with Glover suing because he wasn’t being paid for any old footage with him in. This case led to The Screens Actors Guild introducing a new rule about the illicit use of actors.

It’s uncanny!

It’s uncanny!

Four - An uncredited Mark Campbell sang Johnny B Goode in the first two BTTF films. I know right… it wasn’t Michael J Fox! But he did take guitar lessons, so he wouldn’t look like a complete novice.

marty mcfly guitar.jpg

Five - The judge who says Marty’s band The Pinheads is “too darn loud” is Huey Lewis from Huey Lewis and The News, whose song Power of Love is featured in the film.

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Six - In Back to the Future II when Marty is looking in the shop window that sells 80s items, there’s a Who Framed Roger Rabbit stuffed toy which is a nod to Robert Zemeckis other awesome film he directed.

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Seven - Elijah Wood of Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings fame, made his onscreen debut as one of the kids playing the arcade in Café 80s in Back to the Future II.

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Eight - The time machine for Back to the Future was originally imagined to be a fridge rather than the much cooler Delorean car. Am I the only person who would love to see a film about a time machine fridge?? Make it happen!

Back to the Future fridge.png

Nine - The head of Universal Pictures suggested the movie title to be changed to Spaceman From Pluto. Steven Spielberg however soon put him in his place by thanking him for his ‘joke’ memo.


Ten - Back to the Future II was the first film that managed the big fancy pants special effect of VistaGlide. Say what?! This basically means that we see the same actor interacting with themselves in the same scene. Ooohhhhh!

Biff back to the future

The Best Retro T-Shirts for Millennials

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So, I have a problem. A problem that I am in no way, shape or form willing to rectify. I’m that idiot/nerd/self-proclaimed retro ninja who wears 'ironic' old skool t-shirts with my favourite nostalgic memories stretched across the front. It started off with one harmless Goonies t-shirt from the amazing website when I was 22, and then the obsession spiralled well into my 30s. 

retro t-shirts.JPG
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While my friends were getting married and making babies… I was (and still am!) dealing with adulting by refusing to move on from my formative childhood years! Some may say it’s a sickness… but maybe they’re just jealous… right?!  

jim carey ace ventura.gif

Whether it’s 90s pop culture references, retro gaming, 80s movies or a homage to Button Moon, I need it in my wardrobe. If you happen to be a millennial coined by the media as those born between 1981 and 1996, then you too might fancy wearing awesome retro tees that makes people point and laugh/high five you in public. If so, then you absolutely need to check out these top 10 nostalgic t-shirts post haste!

Back to the Future – Flux Capacitor 

The Back to the Future trilogy is arguably one of the most iconic and most recognisable point of references when talking about classic 80s films. The first and second instalment also happens to be one of my absolute fave movies. The third film I tend to watch more as background noise because Michael J Fox’s Irish accent is offensive! 

Bill and Ted – Wyld Stallyns  

Another classic movie starring the ageless vampiric Keanu Reeves. Their bodacious band the Wyld Stallyns will be making a comeback and so this retro t-shirt will be ahead of its time when Bill and Ted 3 hits our screens! (Please don’t feck it up… please don’t feck it up!) 

bill and ted 3.jpg

If series linking every episode of Murder, She Wrote is wrong… then honey I don’t wanna be right! This sleuthing-writer-genius-extraordinaire and all round busybody got me through many “I don’t want to write my dissertation” days at university. You know when Jessica Fletcher is in town, some murdering shit is about to go down! 

You Can Call Me Al  

The Paul Simon song that makes everyone lose their shit in an inebriated jubilation at a wedding! It’s also very entertaining when you actually have a friend called Al and you drag him into a dance circle pointing and laughing at him as if he has never ever experienced this before! Hilarity ensues for you and your friends… but not for your mate Al. Poor Al. 

Brucey Bonus – Bruce Forsyth 

The late great legend himself who seemed to have stayed the exact same age from my childhood of Bedknobs and Broomsticks right up until his last toe tapping moments on Strictly Come Dancing. Powder pink is also apparently the colour of millennials, so this t-shirt is the perfect combo! 


Remember checking football scores, the top 10 music charts, booking last minute cheap holidays and of course Bamboozle! Now trying to explain Teletext to anyone born past the year of 1995 is like trying to explain quantum physics to an infant. “But why did you not just use the internet…” **ROLLS EYES SO HARD I SPRAIN MY CORNEA**

Art Attack 

Getting home from school and watching Neil Buchanan create an absolute masterpiece from a few toilet rolls, kitchen foil and a scuba diving kit casually lying around! Art Attack made me beg my parents for PVA glue and poster paints that subsequently destroyed the kitchen table all in the name of art! 

Fun House 

Another after school classic that filled me with intense jealousy at the kids who got to drive those go-karts! It was like a giant soft play arena with a little Gladiator-esque assault course thrown in for good measure! With Pat Sharp’s mullet, the delightful twins and semi competitive/aggressive gameplay… there was nothing but love for Fun House!

Street Fighter II  

Street Fighter is the ultimate button basher retro video game! Remember that one time when you didn’t have a clue how you just pulled off a Ryu special move triple combo (just made that up!) but acted like you totally knew what you were doing? Yep. This game also evokes the demonic spirit of game rage when you’re getting your ass handed to you by Chun-Li’s shitty little kicks! So sure, why not get the t-shirt and remember the good times!

Trap Door 

Don’t you open that… TRAP DOOR! Not going to lie, the intro to this classic 1980s animation actually still scares me a little! The theme song is instantly recognisable as is the lead character Berk (“Allo!”) which should make your childhood come flooding back to you! And if it doesn’t… did you even have a childhood?! 

Top 5 1980s Movie Villains

80s film villains.PNG

Behind every good hero, there’s some little prick who has made their life fairly miserable. Good and evil require a balance. The victory lap of our triumphant hero would be slightly embarrassing if they didn’t first outwit/kill their maniacal archenemy. The films of the 1980s birthed many a glorious baddie. Some we love to hate. Some we just straight up hate. And others are so random and farcical that we genuinely have no idea what the hell is going on!

Now look into the camera and be all scary and stuff... (Bennett from Commando 1985)

Now look into the camera and be all scary and stuff... (Bennett from Commando 1985)

Here are my top 5 80s villains from some most excellent movies!

Ivan Drago – Rocky IV 1986

This guy was seeeeerious! All buff and ting with his perfectly chiselled jaw and giant steroid enhanced muscles. He did not come to play. First of all, he rocks up and kills Rocky’s best pal Apollo in the ring, and second of all… HE JUST DOESN’T CARE! 

if he dies rocky IV.gif

This is one film that I can watch a thousand times over. Mainly because the training montage is epic and makes me feel like I too could traverse a snow peaked mountain… if I wanted to. Watching Rocky finally overcome a hostile Soviet Union crowd and beat the shit out of Ivan Drago makes me smile with my whole face!

Biff Tannen – Back to the Future 1985

This guy is the epitome of the word asshat. He’s an irritant to the highest degree but he’s also hilariously stupid/brutal. (Remember that one time he sexually assaults Marty’s mum and hits her. Awkward.) He’s your classic high school bully who finds twisted delight in making others seem weak. Even though he’s a complete tosser, the Back to the Future Trilogy would be lost without this angry man child.

biff back to the future.gif

The Fratellis – The Goonies 1985

The fact that grown-ups are persistent in the demise of children makes me nervous laugh! These marauding bandits fronted by Mama Fratelli are terrifying but also add a class touch of hilarity to such a fantastic movie. I feel like the comedy capers of The Fratellis should end with them waving their fist in the air and shouting, “I’ll get you next time you pesky kids!”

the fratellis goonies.gif

General Zod – Superman II 1980

This film is probably my favourite in the Christopher Reeve Superman trilogy. (I’m pretending that Superman IV with Nuclear Man didn’t happen because it was pants!) I mean, this guy... *eye roll*

I just got my nails did!

I just got my nails did!

General Zod is played superbly by legendary actor Terence Stamp. But don’t let his lovely face of manly beardy-ness and slicked back hair fool you. This guy is evil. Along with his backup dancers/Kryptonian criminals they wreck Metropolis because Superman decided he wanted to be human. Fool! The reason I love to hate this classic 80s villain is because General Zod created one of the most iconic scenes from the complete Superman franchise, and for this General, I will kneel!

kneel before zod superman.gif

Johnny Lawrence – The Karate Kid 1984

Another classic bad boy bully from another great 80s movie, The Karate Kid. Now let’s be honest. In a real fight Daniel-san would get his ass handed to him by Johnny. The (illegal) crane kick was a complete fluke but I’m willing to go with it because I’m such a huge fan of this film. The thing with Johnny is that yes, he’s a mean asshole but at the end of the film you can see he is having an internal conflict of character mainly because he finally realises his karate teacher’s demands of breaking bones is kinda unreasonable! We love you Johnny! And your floppy blonde fringe!

sweep the leg karate kid.gif

It's going to be a no from me scary sensei man....