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10 Things You May Not Know About Back to the Future I & II

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If you’re a big retro movie geek who finds delight in watching classic 80s films over and over until your eyes bleed with satisfaction, THEN the Back to the Future trilogy should be in your arsenal. Fact. I’m still waiting for Santa/The Tooth Fairy to hook me up with a hoverboard from Back to the Future II. And these ‘hoverboards’ you can buy which look like I probably would end up in hospital, do not count!

But I digress.

My favourites from the BTTF trilogy are the first and second instalment. I mean, the third movie is grand… but lets say that I can have it on in the background on a casual Sunday afternoon… while I refresh my Instagram feed for a distraction! Everything about Back to the Future part I and II from the concept, the futuristic gadgets, special FX and the awkward incestuous moments you pretend never happened, makes it one of the best film franchises… ever!

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This quintessential Sci-Fi heavyweight was never meant to go past the original first film in 1985. But Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg and Bob Gale basically smashed it and the rest is history! 

I have watched the films so many times that I would genuinely ruin the experience for anyone else who wanted to watch it with me. Why? Because I’m that kind of tosser who can’t help but recite/yell back at the TV certain iconic lines from the movies.

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You may already know the plot (which stays pretty consistent in theme throughout all three movies!) but for those who don’t, it goes a little something like this:

Teenage boy has a close friendship with an old mad scientist (that nobody seems to question!) who builds a time machine from a car. Teenage boy with the help of his scientist pal, dick around with his past and future with almost catastrophic consequences. Hilarity ensues.

However, what some of you may not know about Back to the Future I and II is thus:

One - The script was rejected over 40 times with Disney not being a fan of the incest storyline in reference to Marty’s 18-year-old mum kissing him when he travels back to 1955. Listen Disney, I’m fairly certain nobody in their sane mind is an advocate of incest BUT it’s funny you said this seeing as you were down with Star Wars who is all about sibling love! #justsaying

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Two - Eric Stoltz was set to play the lead Marty McFly in Back to the Future and filmed a fair few scenes. But he was considered too serious of an actor for a role that required more of an upbeat comedy vibe. It cost the film $4 million. Gutted! Also, Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid turned down the role and I’m glad he did!

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It’s a no from me!

It’s a no from me!

Three - Crispin Glover who played George McFly did not appear in any of the sequels. Another actor with prosthetic makeup was used which turned out to be a bad move for Universal Pictures, as it ended with Glover suing because he wasn’t being paid for any old footage with him in. This case led to The Screens Actors Guild introducing a new rule about the illicit use of actors.

It’s uncanny!

It’s uncanny!

Four - An uncredited Mark Campbell sang Johnny B Goode in the first two BTTF films. I know right… it wasn’t Michael J Fox! But he did take guitar lessons, so he wouldn’t look like a complete novice.

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Five - The judge who says Marty’s band The Pinheads is “too darn loud” is Huey Lewis from Huey Lewis and The News, whose song Power of Love is featured in the film.

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Six - In Back to the Future II when Marty is looking in the shop window that sells 80s items, there’s a Who Framed Roger Rabbit stuffed toy which is a nod to Robert Zemeckis other awesome film he directed.

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Seven - Elijah Wood of Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings fame, made his onscreen debut as one of the kids playing the arcade in Café 80s in Back to the Future II.

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Eight - The time machine for Back to the Future was originally imagined to be a fridge rather than the much cooler Delorean car. Am I the only person who would love to see a film about a time machine fridge?? Make it happen!

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Nine - The head of Universal Pictures suggested the movie title to be changed to Spaceman From Pluto. Steven Spielberg however soon put him in his place by thanking him for his ‘joke’ memo.


Ten - Back to the Future II was the first film that managed the big fancy pants special effect of VistaGlide. Say what?! This basically means that we see the same actor interacting with themselves in the same scene. Ooohhhhh!

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