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5 Of The Best Gaming Chairs Every Retro Gamer Needs

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I bought Road Rash II for the Sega Mega Drive the other day, and as I got overly excited and placed my buttocks on the dining room chair (because the controller lead wouldn't stretch to the sofa and I haven’t sat crossed legged on the floor since a school assembly circa 1994) I realised that my poor attempt of a gaming chair sucked. A lot. After approximately 20 minutes of using a stolen chain as a weapon on a police officer (in the game. Obviously!) my ass went numb. I recognised then that I owed my retro gaming antics more. I owed my consoles and games the respect they deserve with my undivided attention… and that means to be sat on a chair that doesn’t ruin my butt cheeks in mere moments!

I was thinking of a gimmicky chair that said "Hey everyone! I'm fun, retro AND hilarious!"

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But the harsh right angles on this would certainly not make hours of shouting at Sonic the Hedgehog to go fuck himself whenever I died, any fun on my aging body.

So alas I poked around on the interweb and found the best gaming chairs that my money could buy! And also, a super outrageous shout of a gaming chair that would require me to sell a kidney on eBay to even afford a deposit. Here’s what I found… the jury is still out!

DX Racer 1 £201.22 

This German best seller was one name that kept popping up when I was researching, with many folks saying how super duper fly it is. Or words to that effect! From the outlook the design appears to be very similar to many brands who have the sports racing car feel, and some may argue it's just an expensive replica. But there’s a lot more going on than a glorified office chair which seems to warrant its price tag.

-    Fully adjustable backrest
-    2-dimensional armrest
-    Gas lift can hold the weight of approx. 100kg
-    Lumbar cushion
-    Adjustable headrest
-    Tilt mechanism angling to 170 degrees
-    Assembly approx. 5 minutes

Big Joe Dorm Chair £159.72

If you’re looking for a seat that you can set up camp in and refuse to move… then this ridiculously comfy beanbag chair is your winner! Yes, I know it’s essentially a beanbag but it won’t sink to the floor if you try to stretch out and reach for your snacks! And it has pockets damn it!

-    SmartMax Fabric (Stain resistant, water resistant)
-    Built in handles so you can transport it wherever you like. 
-    Built in pockets so your alcohol/smartphone are always nearby.
-    Double stitched fabric with safety lock zippers.
-    Filled with UlitmaX Beans which adjust to your body. Also refillable.

X Rocker Pro 4.1 £229.99

If you’re looking for that slick techno friendly vibe in your games room, then I’m fairly certain that this padded faux leather gaming chair would work a treat! I almost expect Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget to be sat in a chair like this waving his metal fist in the air!

inspector gadget.png

The main pull for this brand is the mounted audio system within the chair and the fact that it can be connected wirelessly to various devices. The X Rocker comes in different models like the Infiniti 4.1 PlayStation which is great for all the hardcore PlayStation gamers, but for retro gamers like myself, who will be button bashing on a Mega Drive or Mini SNES, you can skip that fancy pants version!

-    Audio system with subwoofer mounted in the backrest and headrest.
-    Wireless capabilities connecting to any audio device or game console. (Optical, USB or 3.5mm connections)
-    Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and tablets.
-    Tri-Motor vibration that allows for a fully immersive gameplay.

Drian Workstation Game Chair £6039

This is the king of drunk online purchases that screams Flight of the Navigator, so naturally I want it! If you plan on never leaving the fictitious bubble of gaming and assimilating into the real world, then this bad boy would do it! There is a lead time of 4 weeks after buying this with fun tokens you either stole from a pensioner or by selling your soul to Satan, which makes sense as it’s a beast! You may not be able to afford to feed your family after purchasing this, but who needs family?! Because with an eye watering, extravagant highly unnecessary gaming chair… you will already be winning at life!

-    Posture adjustment switches.
-    Angle adjustment switches up to 140 degrees.
-    3 level seat warmer and cooler.
-    Lumbar support.
-    Adjustable headrest.
-    LED lighting.
-    Premium leather seat.
-    Integrated keyboard tray.
-    Mountable monitor brackets with up to 3 monitors.
-    Frickin’ laser beams! (I made that up)

IntimaTe WM Heart £64.99

Sometimes we need to just strip it back to the basics and keep things simple and real. This budget gaming chair is the cheapest of a great bunch but just because the price tag doesn’t aggressively shout “bankruptcy” in your face, it still offers the main positives you would need. I mean sure, does it look like a generic padded office chair… yes! But the ergonomic design makes sitting for hours and screaming at your TV a complete dream for your neck… your back! (insert rude hip hop song here!)

-    Ergonomically designed with high density foam like a racing car seat.
-    Load capacity up to 120kg.
-    Tilt function.
-    360 swivel castors.
-    Upright lock function.


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