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10 Fabulous Retro Prizes From Bullseye

jim bowen bullseye.jpg

Game shows in the 80s and 90s played huge roles in weekend telly watching. It was a time when you only had four channels and you were probably the remote control as a parent made you get up and manually change the channels. Imagine! The classic Bullseye was a Sunday afternoon treat! A darts inspired game show with an animated mascot called Bully, that ran from 1981 to 1995. It was hosted by comedian Jim Bowen with an intro that went a little like this…

The basic object of the game was to throw a few darts to see what you could win! Ok, so there were more rules and penalties and pounds for points, BUT all in all it was about the excitement and thrill of… darts!

See! Absolutely delighted with life!

See! Absolutely delighted with life!

But most importantly, it was about the prizes! Here are my top 10 picks of amazingly retro Bullseye game prizes!  


INNNNNNN One – A music system with a couple of ‘gold’ pens.

bullseye prize 2.png

Because I’ve always thought, “do you know what would be really lovely when I’m trying to record the top ten off the radio… some pens.”

Two – A neon flashing phone.

bullseye 3.png

In fairness, we all wanted a novelty telephone at some point in our lives! If it wasn’t the ‘cool’ plastic see through phone, it most definitely was the burger phone from Home and Away!

Three – An elegant carriage clock.

bullseye 4.png

If your mum didn’t have one of these kicking around the sitting room, was she really your mum?!

Four – It’s a cuddly toy!

cuddly toy.gif

I mean sure. Soft toys are nice, but I’d probably swap it for the phone.

Five – An electronic knitting machine.

bullseye prize 5

I would be 100% furious if I won this. Jim mate, you’re taking the piss.

Six – A set of encyclopaedias.

bullseye prize 6

Unless that vintage bookshelf comes with it, then I’m just not interested Jim!

Seven – A 14” TV

bullseye prize 7

Now we’re talking Bully! A telly suitable for your bedroom so you could watch Eurotrash in peace!

Eight – Wedgewood Dinner Service.

bullseye prize 8

Oh good. Another set of crockery that your mum will never let you use because they’re super fancy.

Nine – Luggage.

bullseye prize 9

Winning ugly luggage sounds as much fun as winning an STI.

Ten – A speedboat! Of course.

speedboat bullseye.gif

I always loved the nonsensical giant leaps from winning an electronic knitting machine to a luxury, and entirely unnecessary speedboat! Like how the feck was Barry from Ipswich going to get that home on the bus Jim?!

bully from bullseye.jpg