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Michael Jordan

10 Retro Air Jordan Trainers From 1985 - 1995 You Can Buy Right Now

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Before you had your Kobe Bryant or LeBron James you had Michael Jordan. If you have to think of an iconic basketball player of not just the 20th century but of all time, you have Michael Jordan.

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He was not just a game changer within the sport, but he was a brand. I remember buying a red Chicago Bulls basketball to just carry around the playground at school, bounce occasionally... and then stop because I didn't want to scuff it! Every kid back in the late 80s and 90s wanted a pair of Air Jordan kicks regardless if you had ever seen a basketball game! Nike Air Jordan trainers were a fashion statement and owning a pair today is still considered cool as hell!

You can still buy a pair if you are willing to throw a fair few folded notes at the expense! Here are some top picks of classic Nike Air Jordan trainers from 85 – 95 that you can add to your shoe collection right now!

Nike Air Jordan I 1984/85

Designed by Peter C Moore these trainers were banned by the NBA because they didn't have enough white on them! (A rule later which was later repealed)

Nike Air Jordan II 1987

Designed again by Moore and Bruce Kilgore and running on from the success of Air Jordan I, these trainers were made in Italy. It was the first Air Jordan's without the Nike swoosh, and also included a Nike air bubble for more comfort.

Nike Air Jordan III 1988

Designed by Tinker Hatfield and the shoe that made Michael Jordan change his mind from leaving Nike. It featured the visible air bubble in the heel and the new Jumpman logo. Jordan wore these at many events including the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Nike Air Jordan IV 1989

The first Air Jordan shoes released globally and designed by Tinker Hatfield. The ads featured Spike Lee and also got screen time in the director's film Do The Right Thing. The Spiz'ike IV were created to show love for the friendship between Michael Jordan and Spike Lee.

spike lee and michael jordan.png

A new look by designer Hatfield but with some unmistaken elements from Air Jordan IV. Apparently inspiration for the design came from World War II fighter planes. Other features included reflective tongue and translucent rubber soles.

Nike Air Jordan VI 1991

This new design by Tinker Hatfield featured reinforcement around the toe and a much needed heel tab on the back of the trainer which Jordan insisted on to protect his Achilles tendon. The Air Jordan VI were featured in the film White Men Can't Jump and The Chicago Bulls won the 1991 NBA final against LA Lakers with Jordan wearing these!

Nike Air Jordan VII 1992

With the huarache technology that helped shoes adjust to the individual's foot, this design by Hatfield got rid of the air sole, translucent soles and Nike Air logo. The ad campaign featured Bugs Bunny (and later inspired the 'classic' Space Jam movie!)

space jam.gif

This particular design was known as the Punisher. There was a lot more detail with the Jumpman, crossover straps, ankle support, enhanced traction and a full length air sole. It was brought out for the 1992 - 1993 NBA season.

Nike Air Jordan IX 1994

This new Air Jordan trainer was the first design released after Michael Jordan retired. These kicks were sparked from baseball cleats that Jordan wore when he played minor league baseball. These shoes are also the ones that were chosen for the statue of Michael Jordan outside the United Center in Chicago.

michael jordan statue.jpg

Released in eight different colours and included a lightweight Phylon midsole with Jordan's accomplishments on the outsole. The original had black lacing and tongue with red inner lining and inserts.