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The Best Retro T-Shirts for Millennials

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So, I have a problem. A problem that I am in no way, shape or form willing to rectify. I’m that idiot/nerd/self-proclaimed retro ninja who wears 'ironic' old skool t-shirts with my favourite nostalgic memories stretched across the front. It started off with one harmless Goonies t-shirt from the amazing website when I was 22, and then the obsession spiralled well into my 30s. 

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While my friends were getting married and making babies… I was (and still am!) dealing with adulting by refusing to move on from my formative childhood years! Some may say it’s a sickness… but maybe they’re just jealous… right?!  

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Whether it’s 90s pop culture references, retro gaming, 80s movies or a homage to Button Moon, I need it in my wardrobe. If you happen to be a millennial coined by the media as those born between 1981 and 1996, then you too might fancy wearing awesome retro tees that makes people point and laugh/high five you in public. If so, then you absolutely need to check out these top 10 nostalgic t-shirts post haste!

Back to the Future – Flux Capacitor 

The Back to the Future trilogy is arguably one of the most iconic and most recognisable point of references when talking about classic 80s films. The first and second instalment also happens to be one of my absolute fave movies. The third film I tend to watch more as background noise because Michael J Fox’s Irish accent is offensive! 

Bill and Ted – Wyld Stallyns  

Another classic movie starring the ageless vampiric Keanu Reeves. Their bodacious band the Wyld Stallyns will be making a comeback and so this retro t-shirt will be ahead of its time when Bill and Ted 3 hits our screens! (Please don’t feck it up… please don’t feck it up!) 

bill and ted 3.jpg

If series linking every episode of Murder, She Wrote is wrong… then honey I don’t wanna be right! This sleuthing-writer-genius-extraordinaire and all round busybody got me through many “I don’t want to write my dissertation” days at university. You know when Jessica Fletcher is in town, some murdering shit is about to go down! 

You Can Call Me Al  

The Paul Simon song that makes everyone lose their shit in an inebriated jubilation at a wedding! It’s also very entertaining when you actually have a friend called Al and you drag him into a dance circle pointing and laughing at him as if he has never ever experienced this before! Hilarity ensues for you and your friends… but not for your mate Al. Poor Al. 

Brucey Bonus – Bruce Forsyth 

The late great legend himself who seemed to have stayed the exact same age from my childhood of Bedknobs and Broomsticks right up until his last toe tapping moments on Strictly Come Dancing. Powder pink is also apparently the colour of millennials, so this t-shirt is the perfect combo! 


Remember checking football scores, the top 10 music charts, booking last minute cheap holidays and of course Bamboozle! Now trying to explain Teletext to anyone born past the year of 1995 is like trying to explain quantum physics to an infant. “But why did you not just use the internet…” **ROLLS EYES SO HARD I SPRAIN MY CORNEA**

Art Attack 

Getting home from school and watching Neil Buchanan create an absolute masterpiece from a few toilet rolls, kitchen foil and a scuba diving kit casually lying around! Art Attack made me beg my parents for PVA glue and poster paints that subsequently destroyed the kitchen table all in the name of art! 

Fun House 

Another after school classic that filled me with intense jealousy at the kids who got to drive those go-karts! It was like a giant soft play arena with a little Gladiator-esque assault course thrown in for good measure! With Pat Sharp’s mullet, the delightful twins and semi competitive/aggressive gameplay… there was nothing but love for Fun House!

Street Fighter II  

Street Fighter is the ultimate button basher retro video game! Remember that one time when you didn’t have a clue how you just pulled off a Ryu special move triple combo (just made that up!) but acted like you totally knew what you were doing? Yep. This game also evokes the demonic spirit of game rage when you’re getting your ass handed to you by Chun-Li’s shitty little kicks! So sure, why not get the t-shirt and remember the good times!

Trap Door 

Don’t you open that… TRAP DOOR! Not going to lie, the intro to this classic 1980s animation actually still scares me a little! The theme song is instantly recognisable as is the lead character Berk (“Allo!”) which should make your childhood come flooding back to you! And if it doesn’t… did you even have a childhood?! 

10 Reasons Why Murder, She Wrote Is EVERYTHING!

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When I grow up, I want to be Jessica Fletcher. The sleuthing senorita from Cabot Cove and leading lady in one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Murder, She Wrote. The show has been kicking around since 1984 and yes I am that person who series links the re-runs to watch at my leisure with a cuppa tea and biscuit… because apparently I’m 86 years old. Everything about the many many episodes fills my old soul with a glow like ten thousand hazardous sky lanterns. And so here are 10 reasons why you should get your Murder, She Wrote fix post haste!

One – The simplicity of the plot

Nobody likes change! So keep that shit simple. Someone dies in every location Jessica Fletcher happens to be, she then solves the murder with a satisfying conclusion for all. Everyone is happy. The end.

murder she wrote.png

Two – The amazing alias’ of Miss JB Fletcher

Whether she’s a drunken hoochie mama in a bar dancing erratically (which is somewhat uncomfortable for everyone with eyes…) or taking on the persona of her cousin in London who has an exaggerated Oliver Twist style British accent… Jessica slays at being a wonderful caricature in order to get shit did!

murder she wrote alias.png

Three – The faces she pulls when she realises who dunnit!

jessica fletcher face.png

Four – JB Fletch is too hardcore for you

Look at her smiling casually at an alligator.

jessica fletcher.png

And now she’s smoking because she’s her own woman who can do whatever the hell she wants!

jessica fletcher smoking.png

Five – Her relationships with men… that lead nowhere because she’s still hung up on her dead husband.

murder she wrote kiss.png

Six – Jessica Fletcher nearly dying. Like every time.

Every episode gets her into trouble because snooping around shit that has nothing to do with her is not exactly clever. However, each time she is saved. Luckily immediately after the killer has explained in FULL intricate detail just how they committed the crime.

murder she wrote gif.gif

Seven – Jessica’s closing scene laugh at the end of each episode


Eight – The famous faces… before they were famous.

From George Clooney, Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Garcia and Courtney Cox… to Sarah Connor from The Terminator! Murder, She Wrote was ahead of the game in who’s who of Hollywood fame!

murder she wrote courtney cox.png

Nine – Fashion baby!

Jessica rocked some exquisite outfits. Double denim, bold floral prints, brooches and some glam glitzy numbers. Yaaaaas Queen!

murder she wrote fashion.png

Ten – How the writers of Murder, She Wrote never used maths.

Because according to my calculations, from 1984 – 1996 and after 264 episodes… everyone in Cabot Cove should probably be dead.

murder she wrote cabot cove.png