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10 Reasons Why Murder, She Wrote Is EVERYTHING!

murder she-ra.jpg

When I grow up, I want to be Jessica Fletcher. The sleuthing senorita from Cabot Cove and leading lady in one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Murder, She Wrote. The show has been kicking around since 1984 and yes I am that person who series links the re-runs to watch at my leisure with a cuppa tea and biscuit… because apparently I’m 86 years old. Everything about the many many episodes fills my old soul with a glow like ten thousand hazardous sky lanterns. And so here are 10 reasons why you should get your Murder, She Wrote fix post haste!

One – The simplicity of the plot

Nobody likes change! So keep that shit simple. Someone dies in every location Jessica Fletcher happens to be, she then solves the murder with a satisfying conclusion for all. Everyone is happy. The end.

murder she wrote.png

Two – The amazing alias’ of Miss JB Fletcher

Whether she’s a drunken hoochie mama in a bar dancing erratically (which is somewhat uncomfortable for everyone with eyes…) or taking on the persona of her cousin in London who has an exaggerated Oliver Twist style British accent… Jessica slays at being a wonderful caricature in order to get shit did!

murder she wrote alias.png

Three – The faces she pulls when she realises who dunnit!

jessica fletcher face.png

Four – JB Fletch is too hardcore for you

Look at her smiling casually at an alligator.

jessica fletcher.png

And now she’s smoking because she’s her own woman who can do whatever the hell she wants!

jessica fletcher smoking.png

Five – Her relationships with men… that lead nowhere because she’s still hung up on her dead husband.

murder she wrote kiss.png

Six – Jessica Fletcher nearly dying. Like every time.

Every episode gets her into trouble because snooping around shit that has nothing to do with her is not exactly clever. However, each time she is saved. Luckily immediately after the killer has explained in FULL intricate detail just how they committed the crime.

murder she wrote gif.gif

Seven – Jessica’s closing scene laugh at the end of each episode


Eight – The famous faces… before they were famous.

From George Clooney, Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Garcia and Courtney Cox… to Sarah Connor from The Terminator! Murder, She Wrote was ahead of the game in who’s who of Hollywood fame!

murder she wrote courtney cox.png

Nine – Fashion baby!

Jessica rocked some exquisite outfits. Double denim, bold floral prints, brooches and some glam glitzy numbers. Yaaaaas Queen!

murder she wrote fashion.png

Ten – How the writers of Murder, She Wrote never used maths.

Because according to my calculations, from 1984 – 1996 and after 264 episodes… everyone in Cabot Cove should probably be dead.

murder she wrote cabot cove.png